Campesino Hands

I’ve been going up to Mozonte a little more often lately, thanks to some work we’ve been doing with some students from Earlham College. I love getting up there and getting my hands dirty. It’s also given me the opportunity to see Hiromi and Aaron a little more.

It’s absolutely amazing how they’ve integrated with Noemy and Bismark’s family. The first weekend it was still a little awkward, communication was strained. Hiromi and Aaron didn’t want to be intrusive. Their hosts weren’t sure if they would like it. A couple weeks later and Hiromi and Aaron seem completely, well, countryfied. They talk a little slower and everything. Noemy, Bismark, and Doña Soledad are all joking with them and they maneuver around the kitchen and the bread oven like it was their own. Bismark trusts them to do good work. It makes me happy to see.

Boy have they been hard at work since they got here. The first week they spent clearing the field to plant the beans, then plowing it using an ox.

The next step was planting the field. A lot of the time I get to the house by entering at the far end through the fence, and every time I come now I see the little bean sprouts growing.

Then it’s been picking coffee from Bismark’s plot. It’s a little early in the season still, but hey, when you need some coffee you need some coffee.

After that it’s been weeding and keeping the bean field clean. It looks like some pretty tough, hot work, and I’m impressed with how they keep at it.

By the time these two leave, they’re going to be more Nica than me (I quantify my Nicaness mostly by my ability to drink municipal water). They seem to have taken of the gloves, literally, and are going to be earning their campesino hands.

There’s a Nica saying, “Never trust a man with soft hands.”